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Your order is not complete until you email your required proof of identity (ex. driver's license) and eligibility documents to: VRSCANDOCS@TPCHD.ORG. For a full list of documents to provide, return to the Birth and Death Certificate webpage. Eligibility documentation are documents that link you to the person on the record. If your name is on the record (i.e. self or parents), your proof of identity is enough. If you are not listed on the record, you must provide documentation to prove eligibility. Please contact us at 253-649-1402 if you need any further information. DISCLAIMER: IF YOU CHOOSE FEDEX AS YOUR SHIPPING METHOD, YOUR ORDER MAY BE DELAYED OR DELIVERED OUTSIDE OF THE ORIGINALLY PROJECTED DELIVERY DATE DUE TO REASONS THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF THE CONTROL OF THE TPCHD VITAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT.


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RCW 70.58A.530 and WAC 246-491-300 through 330 requires applicants to provide information and prove their identity and qualifying relationship with documentation to receive a certified Washington State birth or death certificate. If we do not receive the required information and/or documentation within the 30 days, your order will be closed and no refund will be given.